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How to Fix Linksys Router Stopped Working?

Linksys routers are used by millions of users across the globe. These are the best networking devices which allow you to connect with the internet very conveniently. But there are times when these intelligent devices tend to stop working all of a sudden. This irritates the users to a higher extent. If you are also one of them and looking for a solution then you are advised to go through this blog until the end. Or the other way, you can also contact Linksys customer support where the technicians will sort the issue out.

Before starting the troubleshooting, you must first try to identify the possible causes like if there is some hardware damage or improper settings or others. Once you are well aware of the glitch then you need to follow the given steps.

Basic fixture –

• If the router is not working then you can disconnect all the devices first and then turn it on and then off

• Also, you can try to do the power cycling of the devices including modem, computer, and router

Resetting the Linksys router –

• Restart the devices that went through the power cycle and connect them using an Ethernet cable
• Press and hold the reset the key available at the back of the router, keep on holding it for few seconds
• Enter the default IP Address of your router in the address bar of the browser
• If you have done the reset of your router earlier then enter the credentials, if not then enter the default login username and password
• Go to wireless security tab and set up the wireless security tab or SSID and create a password for securing your router from misuse

Now you can try to establish the network connection and check if the router starts working or not. It must be kept in mind that the router must not be reset again and again as it will lead to the software and hardware damage of the router. If the fixture doesn’t work in your way while doing the Linksys router troubleshooting then you must see for any flaws and rectify them.



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