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How to Fix if HP Printer Not Connecting to a Computer?

Is your HP Printer not connecting to computer? If yes, then take a deep breath! It is not a dreadful situation. And you can solve it yourself. All you need is to do some troubleshooting. HP Printers are one of the perfect printers available in the market. There are countless users who prefer them but, troubles are general to occur. In this blog, the issue of HP Printer not connecting to a computer is explained in detail. You can try the steps and keep in mind that anytime you feel like having an assistance then don’t delay in contacting HP Printer support.

Fixing Connectivity Issues between the Computer and the Printer

Restart the devices – first of all, restart your printer, computer, and your router. This will rectify the trouble of connection at the initial stage itself.


Check for the network status – when you are having hassles then ensure that the printer and computer are connected on the same network. If this is not done then the device will not identify the printer.


Update the drivers and firmware – drivers are often software program responsible for controlling the printer. With the passage of time, they tend to become outdated, so you must check for the latest version on the manufacturer's website and update the printer drivers.


Connecting your Printer to the computer via a wireless network

  • Firstly, check the printer possible network connection
  • Place your computer having network access nearby the printer
  • Turn the printer on after plugging it in power source
  • Go to printer screen and find the Wi-Fi setup page, enter the network password
  • Open start > settings > devices
  • Click on printer & scanners for connecting a Wi-Fi printer
  • Click add a printer by selecting the already listed printer’s name
  • Connect your printer to PC

In the same way, the printer can be connected via a Bluetooth and through wired connection too. In case if you require any sort of help and your printer does not connect to computer then you will have to do the HP Printer troubleshooting again from the start so that the problem can be eliminated.



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