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How to Fix TurboTax Error 42015?

TurboTax is used by many people across the world. It is a tax computing software and manages all tax and return related tasks. But at times this program irritate the users with unknown error messages. One common error is 42015. It occurs with the Windows operating system due to misconfigured system files. It is a hexadecimal error code and directly affects the functioning of the system to a large extent. Nevertheless, this error code can be fixed by general troubleshooting. Or else you can get in touch with TurboTax support where the team of technical representatives stays available 24x7 online.

Symptoms of Error code 42015–

  • It will crash the active program window
  • Your PC will start to run extremely slow
  • The error code will display continually on the screen
  • It may also lead to device freeze or lag

Causes of the error 42015–

  • Incomplete or improper installation of the software
  • Corrupt download file
  • Misconfigured system files
  • Virus or malware attacks
  • Deletion of software related files unknowingly

Troubleshooting steps to fix TurboTax error code 42015

  • Repair the registry entries associated with the error – if you are quite aware of the technical things then you can manually edit and repair the registry entries. If you have no idea then use a registry cleaner.
  • Conduct a device scan – with the help of an antivirus program, perform a full device scan for any possible virus or malware present in your device.
  • Clean out any junk – the computer accumulates junk files from the web surfing leading to overloading of the files that need to be removed, so clean out the junk.
  • Update your device drivers – you can use a driver update tool because finding the right driver for your software can be a difficult task so you must use one for the update.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the TurboTax program associated with the error code – go to control panel > programs & features > TurboTax and uninstall the associated entries.

You can also perform a clean installation of Windows if nothing works. Or the best option you can go with is to avail assistance from TurboTax customer service technicians.



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