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How to Cancel the Netflix Subscription?

Netflix is an online streaming application and browser that gives you all the premium T.V shows and movies. One can avail the subscription package of Netflix from the app as well as the browser using your mailing ID and your card details.


Although the first month of the subscription of Netflix is free of cost, still you get to enjoy most of the features and benefits that they give. From the second month onwards if you are willing to continue the subscription of Netflix all you have to do is agree to the terms and condition of the pricing and instructions of the website. You can choose the subscription according to you ease because under each package you will be able to see the benefits that you would be going to get.


If you are facing any problems in enjoying the application or the website, you can always get yourself the help from Netflix helpline number. There is a support team that will give you all the information as well as the tips to eliminate your query for good.


You can also set the preference by name or area. If you are keen to watch American T.V shows you set that on preference. This will help you in knowing about the newest shows in the market. Moreover, being a Netflix subscriber, you can get your hands on super cool shows that are only streaming on this website. There are a lot of shows that you would find only on Netflix.


But if in case you do not want to keep the subscription then you should straight away cancel the Netflix subscription. These are the steps that you should keep in mind or follow while doing so:


How to Cancel Netflix Subscription in Android

For the Android users, it is an easy task to cancel their subscription.

  • Log in to your Netflix account by punching the password.
  • Open the subscription segment and put it off.
  • Complete this task by clicking on the “Done” button.

How to Cancel Netflix Subscription in iPhone

  • Click on the account info in the iTunes section.
  • Punch your password to log in and click on the manage tab in front of the subscription status.
  • Edit the pack subscription and click “Off” button in the “Automatic Renewal section.
  • Completed the process by clicking the “OK” button.


The best part of Netflix is, you can share your pack with 2, 3, and 4 screens as per your pack.



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