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How to Cancel the Netflix Subscription?

26 October 2018

Netflix is an online streaming application and browser that gives you all the premium T.V shows and movies. One can avail the subscription package of Netflix from the app as well as the browser using your mailing ID and your card details.


Although the first month of the subscription of Netflix is free of cost, still you get to enjoy most of the features and benefits that they give. From the s...

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How to Set up Juno Email on Android?

10 October 2018

With the change in times, the scenario of email usage has been changed. Where people used to access their favorite emails on computer or laptops but now users have started to use the email services on their smartphones. Juno email is a well-known email client with a huge customer base. Setting up a Juno email on Android is quite an easy task, it can be done with few steps. If you don’t know the...

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How to Fix if HP Printer Not Connecting to a Computer?

29 September 2018

Is your HP Printer not connecting to computer? If yes, then take a deep breath! It is not a dreadful situation. And you can solve it yourself. All you need is to do some troubleshooting. HP Printers are one of the perfect printers available in the market. There are countless users who prefer them but, troubles are general to occur. In this blog, the issue of HP Printer not connecting to a compu...

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How to Fix Linksys Router Stopped Working?

24 September 2018

Linksys routers are used by millions of users across the globe. These are the best networking devices which allow you to connect with the internet very conveniently. But there are times when these intelligent devices tend to stop working all of a sudden. This irritates the users to a higher extent. If you are also one of them and looking for a solution then you are advised to go through this bl...

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